Tagetes lemmonii
Photo by Flickr user josh s jackson

copper canyon daisy

This plant grows well in the following regions:

  • CVCentral Valley
  • DTDesert
  • NCNorth and Central Coast
  • SCSouth Coast
Map of regions (click to enlarge)
map of California regions


A shrubby perennial with finely divided leaves that grows 3-6 ft. tall and wide. Leaves are strongly fragrant when brushed up against or rubbed and smell like a blend of marigold, mint, and lemon. Golden orange flowers bloom in winter and spring. Cut back to remove damaged growth and to correct its shape. Be cautious when pruning as the oils from the plant may cause skin irritation. Tends to be short-lived. Deer will not eat it.

Plant in sun or part-shade in well drained soil. Looks best with a little irrigation, but too much water will produce a leggy plant.

Native to southern Arizona and into northern Mexico.

Sun needs:

  • Full sun

Water needs:

  • Medium water
  • Low water
Water needs information from WUCOLS unless otherwise noted