Don’t Grow Crazy — An Update on California’s PlantRight Program

April 1, 2015

Choosing the right plant for the right place is a key element in protecting California’s rich natural ecosystems. When used appropriately, plants offer us nourishment, beauty, sanctuary, and habitat; but some plants may have adverse environmental consequences. Read the full article in the latest University of California Integrated Pest Management (UC IPM) Retail Nursery &…Read more

The Development of a Plant Risk Evaluation (PRE) Tool for Assessing the Invasive Potential of Ornamental Plants

March 24, 2015

Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) methods for evaluating invasiveness in plants have evolved rapidly in the last two decades. Many WRA tools exist, but none were specifically designed to screen ornamental plants prior to being released into the environment. To be accepted as a tool to evaluate ornamental plants for the nursery industry, it is critical…Read more

PlantRight releases 2015 Plant List

January 10, 2015

For the second year in a row, PlantRight has updated its list of suggested alternatives to horticultural invasive plants. This year-long process helps PlantRight focus its efforts on the highest priority invasives still for sale in the nursery trade. PlantRight wants to thank the many individuals who participated in the updating of this list by…Read more

Avoiding Invasive Plants

September 15, 2014

By Joan Morris You may have weeds and other plants that you consider invaders in your garden, but there are some ornamental plants that are far worse. Jan Merryweather with PlantRight, a San Francisco-based nonprofit group that works with retailers to prevent invasive plants from making their way into our yards, says about half of…Read more

Beautiful Invaders

August 14, 2014

By Stacy Trevenon Over the five years her son was a student at California Polytechnic State University, biologist Cindy Roessler made trips from the Bay Area to visit him. Looking from her car window on those drives, she noticed something growing along the highway, and, as those years passed, she spotted more and more of…Read more

Vinca major

Invasive Plants–Just Don’t Do It

August 8, 2014

By Frances Schultz Seems evil Russian computer hackers are not all that’s invading our world these days…In the botanical world, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a species. You know what I’m sayin? As we think ahead to fall planting, we need to make sure we are planting good. Read more on Frances…Read more

Effort to fight invasive plants in California targets nurseries

August 6, 2014

By Carol A. Crotta The delicate, knee-high grass Nassella tenuissima rises like a pale yellow cloud, with wispy tassels spilling from needle-thin green stems. Mass-planted, the grass evokes a rippling golden sea. “If only those plants weren’t so beautiful,” Jan Merryweather says, sighing. “People get love-struck.” Read more of this article from the Los Angeles…Read more

The designer cover with Mexican feathergrass

Planting For The Future: The Invasives

March 7, 2014

By Maureen Decombe The plant is perfect. Drought tolerant, fast growing, and the backlit seedheads form a wispy silhouette against the setting sun…lovely…oh, and did I mention? It will grow anywhere! You don’t even need to water it! Read more in the spring issue of the quarterly Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) publication, The…Read more

Mexican feathergrass at a nursery

PlantRight Names Three More Invasive Plants To Guide California Nursery Production

February 18, 2014

This month, Sustainable Conservation’s PlantRight campaign publishes a new list of invasive garden plants to help California’s nursery trade and their customers make more informed planting and purchasing decisions. PlantRight’s 2014 list identifies locally invasive garden plants while providing expert recommendations for beautiful, environmentally safe alternatives. Read more at, or and read about the…Read more

UC Master Gardeners Help Defend California Gardens From Invasive Species, One Nursery Center At A Time

December 12, 2011

Working in concert with the California Nursery industry and PlantRight, the UCCE Master Gardeners participated in an on the ground nursery survey to track the retail market for “garden related” invasive plants in California. This is the 2nd year in which more than 140 Master Gardener (MG) volunteers conducted the survey of over 200 randomly…Read more

Plant right: Why smart garden choices protect the environment

June 1, 2010

Farmers and gardeners are eradicating invasive plants and introducing attractive alternatives.  Say “vinca” to avid gardener Suzanne Legallet and she asks, “Do you mean major or minor?” Farmer B.J. Burns rolls his eyes when questioned about pampas grass. Their responses hint at a serious problem—one that has been overlooked for years. Read the whole story…Read more

PlantRight makes the headlines!

April 10, 2008

In response to our successful campaign kickoff this spring, PlantRight has garnered attention from well-known media like National Public Radio, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times and a dozen local papers. In addition, the website has received half a million hits since the start of the campaign. Thank you all for joining us,…Read more