Whether you are a homeowner, a landscape professional, a gardener, or a plant seller, YOU are the key to protecting California’s environment, people, and wildlife from the problems caused by invasive plants. Read on to find out what you can do.

Plant Right

Never plant invasive plants in any outdoor area.
PlantRight has created a list of the seven highest priority invasive plants that are still sold in California. Check the list before you buy or plant.

Which plants should I avoid?

Buy Right

Buy only non-invasive plants.
Our list of invasive plants to avoid also has information about good, non-invasive alternatives you can use in your garden.

When you buy plants from a PlantRight nursery partner, you can be sure you’re buying a noninvasive plant. That’s because all of our nursery partners have completed an employee education program and pledged not to sell any plant from PlantRight’s invasive plants list.

Find a PlantRight Nursery Partner

Sell Right

If you sell plants, become a PlantRight partner.
It’s a simple way to show your customers that you understand the issue and you care about California’s natural environment.

PlantRight provides practical, easy-to-access training and recognizes nurseries in our online retail directory that commit to selling exclusively non-invasive plants.

We ask Retail Partners not to sell any invasive plant on the PlantRight list and require plant buyers to complete PlantRight’s basic training — video, study guide, and quiz on horticultural invasive plants. Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We provide Retail Partners practical, science-based educational content on ornamental invasive plant issues, expert recommendations for non-invasive alternative plants, recognition in our online retail directory, social media, and in-store signage. And its one more way to show customers that you care!

Become a PlantRight Nursery Partner

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