Fragaria vesca
Photo by Flickr user Rudolf Schafer

woodland strawberry

This plant grows well in the following regions:

  • SMSierra and Coastal Mountains
  • CVCentral Valley
  • NCNorth and Central Coast
  • SCSouth Coast
Map of regions (click to enlarge)
map of California regions



Found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and along the California coast, Coast Ranges, and Sierras. Bears a small crop of tiny but fragrant, delicious berries over a long summer season. A good choice for edging flower or herb beds when spaced 18-24 in. apart. Does not produce runners but can be grown from seeds.

Varieties include red-fruiting ‘Alexandra’, ‘Baron Solemacher’, ‘Improved Rugen’, ‘Mignonette’, and ‘Semperflorens’. Yellow and white-fruiting selections include are also available. ‘Golden Alexandra’ has lime green foliage and ‘Variegata’ has gray-green leaves edged in white.

Sun needs:

  • Full sun
  • Partial sun

Water needs:

  • Medium water
  • Low water
Water needs information from WUCOLS unless otherwise noted