Silverleaf cotoneaster (Cotoneaster pannosus) fruits
Photo by Forest and Kim Starr

silverleaf cotoneaster


  • This plant has a Plant Risk Evaluator rating of High Potential Risk
  • This plant has been rated Moderate by the California Invasive Plant Council


Silverleaf cotoneaster is an evergreen shrub in the rose family. It grows to around 6 ft. tall with dull gray-green leaves that are white on the underside. Small white rose-like flowers appear in spring, followed by deep red berries in fall and winter. Each plant produces thousands of fruits each year, which are distributed by birds, small mammals, flowing water, and human activities.

It was introduced from China as an ornamental plant. It has escaped cultivation along the central and north coast of California, the northern South Coast and Transverse Ranges. It is found in disturbed places, especially near residential areas, as well as undisturbed coastal scrub, grassland, and forests. CalWeedMapper shows its current distribution in California.

Why is this plant not included on the invasive plant list?

Cotoneaster pannosus was considered in 2016 but not added to the nursery survey because the impacts and risk from this plant are too low compared to other plants. It can be found in old gardens, but hasn't been seen for sale by anyone in a long time.

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