Leucanthemum vulgare
Photo by Flickr user M a n u e l

Ox-eye daisy


  • This plant has a Plant Risk Evaluator rating of High Potential Risk
  • This plant has been rated Moderate by the California Invasive Plant Council


Ox-eye daisy is a perennial herb with white-petaled flowers that have yellow centers. Its grows 1-3 ft. tall. Native to Europe, it is found growing in the North Coast Range and northern Sierra Nevada from central California into Oregon. See CalWeedMapper for its current distribution in California outside of cultivation.

It is a common weed of disturbed areas such as roadsides, fields, pastures, and former homesteads, and spread readily into wildlands. Ox-eye daisy thrives in a variety of conditions, from full sun to semi-shade, but do particularly well in damp and heavy soils.

Ox-eye daisy spreads through abundant seed production and by rooting underground stems (rhizomes). The seeds are small and fall up to 2 meters from the parent plant. Water, human an animal foot traffic, and machinery can move them into new areas.

Why is this plant not included on the invasive plant list?

Ox-eye daisy was considered in 2014 and 2016 but was not added to the survey because it is not commonly found in horticulture anymore and because the risk is too low compared to other plants. It is more likely to be sold in a seed mix instead of as a container.

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